Do you want a funny dwarf? Get your Rascal!

Meet Your Goblin Companion from the World's Lowlands! Find Inspiration from Rejected Mob Vote Models with This Mod!

Introducing your new friend, a mischievous goblin hailing from the world's lowlands! Drawing inspiration from the Mob vote models, this goblin captures the essence of creativity. Although this unique mob faced rejection, fret not – this mod ensures you can still embrace the mischievous spirit of the goblin!

Key Features:

Lowland Adventurer:
Journey alongside a lively goblin straight from the lowlands. Experience the imaginative touch inspired by the Mob vote models, encapsulating the goblin's playful nature and charm.

Model Innovation:
Embrace the creative spirit that sparked the Mob vote. The goblin's captivating model serves as a testament to the imaginative potential of Minecraft's world.

Customizable Companion:
This mod allows you to welcome the goblin into your world, opening up opportunities to interact, explore, and embark on adventures together.

Rekindling Creativity:
While the goblin might not have made it through the Mob vote, this mod ensures that you can still celebrate its unique character and bring its essence to life in your gameplay.

Unleash Goblin Charm:
With the goblin companion mod, you have the chance to experience the magic and mischief that the original Mob vote model promised.


The mob has wandering trader intelligence, is able to spawn with flames, and can trade items.   

To get the Mob you can find its egg in the creative or spawn it with commands.

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Rascal Mod
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