Play Defend The Golem now! Fight and win for the territory in a limited time between 2 sides with different classes like the archer or the warrior! What are you waiting for? Play now!


What is it about?

Defend de golem is a Map compatible between 2 to 8 players for minecraft bedrock, in it, a team will defend a golem and the other will try to attack it to win, the key will be in the different classes and strategies that can be used throughout the game. map, with different corridors and nooks and crannies to advance and outposts and walls to defend.

Classes of attackers and defenders.

  • Attacker

It has many weapons to help the castle, among them they have armor, swords, enchanted apples, snowballs, arrows and much more, they also have the advantage of having many lanes to attack.

  • Advocate

They have a great advantage when it comes to defending because all the lanes where the attackers come from are summarized in one place and also their equipment is almost at their height with armor, swords and much more!

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Defend The Golem
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