Elevate Ruin Decoration with Collapsed Blocks! Unleash Creativity with Over 40 Blocks in Various Materials!

Indulge your creative flair and breathe life into ruins with Collapsed Blocks! Unveil a world of possibilities as you enhance the aesthetic of deteriorated structures. With a rich selection of over 40 blocks featuring diverse materials, your imagination is the only limit.

Key Features:
Versatile Ruin Transformation: Collapsed Blocks empowers you to revamp ruins with finesse. Transform mundane ruins into captivating art pieces by incorporating an array of carefully crafted blocks.

Material Diversity:
Explore a vast spectrum of over 40 blocks, each meticulously designed from different materials. From weathered wood to aged stone, this collection brings a variety of textures to suit your vision.

Crafted Realism:
Experience unparalleled realism as Collapsed Blocks pays attention to intricate details, capturing the authentic appearance of materials in their decayed state.

Infinite Creativity:
Let your imagination run wild! Mix and match blocks, experiment with arrangements, and craft visually stunning scenes that tell a unique story.

Unveil Ruin's Potential:
Collapsed Blocks opens doors to reimagining ruins in an artistic and imaginative way, ensuring each structure boasts its own character and charm.

What is it about?

The addon is mainly used to decorate ruins and abandoned buildings, the purpose of the mod is to make the buildings more detailed but without breaking the aesthetics of Minecraft.


How is it acquired?

To acquire the blocks you have to put a block of stone bricks in a stone cutter, for each block you can get 2 rubble blocks.

How to get it?

To be able to acquire it in creative it can be acquired as in survival but even so if you write in the chat / das @p f: ruin (and put a number from 1-13)

In survival you can acquire it by putting a block of stone bricks in a stone cutter.

What can you decorate with?

With all the variants that this mod offers, we can decorate different places like ruins, ancient temples and abandoned mines! There are 3 block variants and many more are expected!

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Collapsed Blocks
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Installation guide

Go to your download manager and click on the downloaded mod or map